Our Approach

Our Mission

Udita Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization seeking to uplift, honor, and empower the most vulnerable and impoverished residents in the slums and orphanages of India and Bangladesh.

Udita is a Bengali word that means "to rise up", "to grow", "new beginnings", and "one who has risen".

Our vision is to have our own, orphanages, schools, medical clinics, and vocational training institutes in both countries. Equally important, we aspire to provide a moment, a memory, to the most disadvantaged children in the world.  We hope that a moment of feeling carefree, loved, and honored will give them the courage to rise and persevere through their difficult circumstances.

Unlike most nonprofits, Udita is 100% volunteer based and 100% of donations go directly to the cause. The administrative costs and travel costs are paid for by the board members, and we accept every donation as a trust that we must carefully deliver to the orphans, the slum dwellers, and the most needy. We deliver goods and services ourselves or via our most trusted contacts on the ground.

Our Story

Our Team


Amy Snyder

Founder & President

Amy was born and raised on a small farm on the coast of Maine. She ventured out to pursue a pre-med bachelor's degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and later moved to California, where she discovered eastern medicine and completed a masters and doctorate in Oriental Medicine. She is a primary care provider, specializing in digestive and autoimmune diseases, and has a private practice in San Jose, CA.

Amy first traveled to South Asia 20 years ago and was immediately drawn to the plight of the street children, the poor, and the most vulnerable. She dreamed of having an orphanage some day. Since then, she has returned yearly, doing what she can to help those in need. She founded Udita in 2017 with the hope of making a greater impact than she alone could achieve, and to inspire others to join this cause.



Neelofer Clark

Vice President & Board Member

Nell's mother migrated from the Philippines to Chicago in the 1970s to pursue her surgical nurse career. She grew up in the hospital, and assisting individuals with their health & wellness has always been her soul’s purpose. Nell attended nursing school at the University of Texas in Austin and  has 20 years of emergency medicine experience. She has taught advanced life support to staff in Honduras. Guided to a more holistic approach in medicine, Nell received a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Integrating her experience in the medical field with her passion for holistic wellness, Nell is able to find a realistic approach in assisting and delivering the future of health care to our communities. Nell is vice president and a board member at Udita, with a lead role in our healthcare projects.


Nagma Hossain

Chief Operating Officer & Board Member

Nagma Hossain, M.D, is a Bangladeshi-America. She was born in Dhaka, raised since early childhood in New York City and has been living in San Jose, Ca for 14 years. She is an Infectious Disease physician, drawn to this particular subspecialty of medicine with hope of one day preventing and treating tropical diseases among the underpriviledged in her native Bangladesh and other third world nations. She is the mother to two young boys and is particularly drawn to make an impact in the plight of children living in poverty.

Nagma is Udita's COO and board member, and she is currently involved with the Bangladesh orphanage projects as well as the Rohingya relief project.


Dai Gangopadhyay

Board Member

Dai hails from the beautiful Himalayan clad city of Dehradun in northern India. From early childhood, he’s been passionate about technology, music and service to the poor and needy. Growing up in India, the contrast of rich and ultra-poor made a deep impression on him and strengthened his resolve to work towards meaningful ways to use technology for charitable purposes - to improve the lives of the unfortunate. Dai did his undergraduate and masters degrees from IIT Kharagpur India and a Ph.D from Univ. of Washington, Seattle, all in electrical engineering, and is currently an architect at Apple. He’s also a musician and has played several concerts to raise funds for charities, and composed scores for documentary films, such as the ‘Walls and the Tiger’, which won the 2015 Amnesty International Award for the Best Documentary on Human Rights.
Dai is a board member at Udita, and is currently leading our project to improve the lives of children at various orphanages in India and streamline the adoption process for prospective parents.


Amrit Raj

Board Member

Amrit takes pride in the family he was born into. He is from Bihar, a state in Eastern India. His early childhood was spent with his grandparents who did everything that they could in the individual capacity to help the people in the village. His grandfather opened a school with boarding facilities for 500 students of the poor families. He donated land for community development. He even set up a health clinic in the village with his own money. Growing up with grandparents had a lasting impression on him.
Amrit has been living in Kolkata since 2004. Professionally, he does strategy planning, execution and monitoring impact on projects in business organizations. But what he enjoys doing is reaching out to the vulnerable sections of the society and connecting them to agencies of change.

Amrit is a board member at Udita, with a special focus on our Calcutta education, orphanage, and slum school projects.


Shalini Deo

Board Member

Shalini was born and raised in Jharkhand, a small state of India. She moved to Kolkata in 2007 and has been living there since. She has been working as a life skills coach for corporate organizations for the last 12 years. Her job is to help people realize their goals and achieve efficiency through self improvement techniques. She is a certified coach, training people on communication, leadership and organizational behavior.

Her work as volunteering organization’s program manager introduced her to the most passionate people committed to uplift the marginalized sections of the society in Kolkata. Her love for everything positive and motivating in life, drew her towards volunteering causes and charitable organizations. There is nothing closer to her heart than this! Shalini is a board member at Udita and leads the India slum school and vocational training projects.

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